About Pathoras

What’s in the name?

Path·or·as: path-awr-is

The term “Pathoras” is a culmination of two Greek words pathos orasi, which means “passion vision”. As an organization, Pathoras Consulting has an impassioned vision to assist the public and private sectors in securing our nation’s well-being, interests, and infrastructure.

Our Pathoras Mission Statement

Our mission is to help secure our nation’s path for the future. Here are key principles of how we deliver that every day:

  • Our Passion

    We have the passion to work toward and achieve individual, challenging goals. With passion we deliver motivation, vision, and results.

  • Our Customers

    We provide hands-on, innovative and intelligent analytical and technical decisions & solutions while engaging our Customers every step of the way. We believe in teamwork.

  • Our Ethical Commitment

    We support. We provide. We love. To our military, to our community and to our environment: We are there for you.

  • Our Nation

    With honor and dignity, we at Pathoras promise to always put our Nation’s Mission in the forefront.

Professional Development

Keeping the mind sharp and up-to-date is one of the most important investments a company can make in its people and its future. Pathoras does this by providing all employees the necessary educational tools, training and professional development. Consistent with its core competencies, Pathoras provides its employees with analytical, technical and linguistics training. All employees are intellectually disciplined and life-long learners. They aggressively seek challenges to climb and improve themselves and their ability to give back to the mission.


Because of our focus and our people, each day a Pathoras team-member punches above and beyond their weight, making an impact and reminding everyone that small things can make big impressions. Not only that, but Pathoras team-members are constantly refining Pathoras itself, improving the team from within, finding new opportunities, and creating a culture that values the individual and the individual’s impact on the mission.


The employee rewards and benefits: Best-in-industry. Best-in-business.

Nothing says “thank you” for commitment to the mission and for a job-well-done like Pathoras’ mission life-balance package. No one compares to us. Not today. Not tomorrow. Because of our commitment to you, Pathoras team-members are rewarded with choices: in time off, in education stipends, in health benefits, in virtually everything. The Pathoras “mission-life balance package” ensures that each Pathoras team member has the tools they need to succeed now and in the future.